Guiding Principles, Agreements and Rules

Welcoming Women has some Guiding Principles, Agreements and Respectful Rules which set the tone for the gatherings and protect the women within the group, so that all group members can feel at ease and included.

Guiding Principles of Welcoming Women
Empowerment and Nurturing

Each individual is encouraged and supported to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Trust and Authenticity

Trust is built from honouring commitments and being true to the Agreements. We allow ourselves to courageously speak the truth and openly share within our circle of trust.

Acceptance and Respect

We allow for different experience, perspectives and interpretations without judgement. We create loving boundaries for ourselves and we value the rights of others.

Joy and Adventure

We allow ourselves to have happiness and excitement to inspire us forward.

The Agreements

The Welcoming Women Agreements help us to uphold clear communication and accountability.

We listen to understand and speak to be understood.

What is shared within the Circle is done so in confidence.

We allow and invite silence for deeper reflection, to safeguard the Guiding Principles.

We withhold judgement and respect others.

We offer personal experience rather than advice.

We take personal responsibility and ask for what we need.

Respectful Rules

Out of respect for all group members, we ask that:

  • Welcoming Women gatherings are to remain drug and alcohol-free events.

  • Mobile phones are on silent or off and are put away for the entire duration of the session.

  • Participants arrive on time or early for the gathering so that we can begin with everyone present. Should there be a delay in a participant’s arrival, she must slip quietly into the gathering with minimal disturbance.

  • Participants are asked to wear bright or white clothing and avoid black clothes. Branded clothing is discouraged. Wear something comfortable to be able to be seated on the floor or participate in movement activities. Participants can also bring yoga mats, cushions or pillows for comfort in sitting on the floor or performing yoga, etc.

  • Children are not invited to the gathering as there are no crèche facilities. Only newborn babies (less than 4 months of age) can be brought along, so that new mothers are able to still attend while caring for young infants.