Interested in Becoming a

Guest Presenter or WW Caretaker?

New Chapters Wanted - Seeking WW Caretakers

Welcoming Women would love to reach women across the country, or even the globe!

We are looking to open new Chapters of Welcoming Women in different districts across Australia. To achieve this, we are seeking new Caretakers to offer Welcoming Women in their home suburb or town. We have a Training Program that teaches new Caretakers in how to run Welcoming Women sessions using our proven format, as well as support them in creating Welcoming Women as their own business with an income stream to renumerate them for their efforts.

If you are interested in starting a Welcoming Women Chapter near you, we would love to hear from you! More information is on our training website. Please also email or phone us on +61414728848 to discuss this opportunity.

We are Looking for Guest Presenters!

There are many women in the community with valuable skills and knowledge to share. These women are invited to apply to guest present at our gatherings. Any woman can apply to be a guest presenter, but the WW Caretaker will endorse applications at her discretion.


While informing the group about a guest presenter’s business is appreciated, please note that Welcoming Women gatherings are not ‘sales parties’ and guest presentations are to be focussed on the personal development of the women rather than trying to sell products or services.

There is currently no exchange of money associated with guest presentations.

We ask guest presenters to offer their service free of charge.

Likewise, Welcoming Women does not charge presenters for the opportunity to present to a warm audience.

Any costs attributed to presenting (e.g. travel expenses, supplies needed for an activity) are the presenter’s responsibility. Prior approval from the WW Caretaker is required if participants or the WW Caretaker are going to be asked to pay for something at the session or have extra products or services offered that may invoke a fee (voluntary purchases or otherwise).

Enquiries on guest presentations can be made by email to or by phoning +61414728848.

We also invite Welcoming Women members to suggest women who might be interested in being guest presenters for the WW Caretaker to contact.

Does connecting online suit you better?

Converse with us on FaceBook or Join One of Our Online Programs

We realise that everyone cannot currently attend our gatherings due to time, location, financial or other restrictions. That is why we have other outreach programs!

Join our FaceBook closed group to engage with us for free. All women are welcome to join, not just financial members. We post regularly to educate and share, and other women-led and women-interest business are allowed to also share their offerings. This is great networking tool and a way for women to connect with each other in a safe space. Our Welcoming Women Agreements and Guiding Principles apply in the group.

We also have online self-paced programs that you can enrol and participate in. These are a great way to learn from and engage with Welcoming Women from a time and place suitable for you.