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Bookings & Memberships

There are 10 Welcoming Women gatherings during 2018 in Bunbury – one per month from March to December. Mark them on your calendar now!

  • 13 March

  • 10 April

  • 15 May

  • 12 June

  • 17 July

  • 14 August

  • 11 September

  • 9 October

  • 6 November

  • 4 December

Guest presenters for each session are published on our FaceBook page, and may be subject to change (e.g. if a presenter becomes ill or otherwise unavailable for their scheduled date).

There are three options for participation in Welcoming Women:

  1. Casual Attendance - Book and pay upfront for any one session at a cost of $27 each (maximum cost of $270). Click here to make a booking for a single session.

  2. Membership Attendance - Pay an Annual Membership Fee of $20 then book and pay upfront for any one session at a cost of $20 each. Once you have booked 3 or more sessions, you will receive a Gift Voucher for a free session. You could think of it as a refund of the Membership Fee (maximum cost $200). Memberships are now closed for 2018.

  3. Full Annual Membership - Early in the year, Full Annual Membership is available, where a member pays a single upfront fee to be able to attend all sessions for the year. Never have to worry about making bookings – your place is secure. Full Annual Memberships are now closed for 2018.

Should you wish to try out Welcoming Women before committing to a membership, you can book and pay for a casual attendance at a session. If you participate in the gathering and then decide to become a member, you will receive a $7 discount on your next session booking to refund your casual fee. Come and give our women's group a go.

Please note a small booking fee of 30 cents is applied to online bookings.
Please read our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Participant Statement before registering.

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